Philipp Ebeling | Photographer

  • Neubausiedlung Celle
  • Forgotten Toys
  • Werner with Toast Hawaii
  • Deutscher Wald, 'Ach!'
  • HJ Goose Stepping
  • Manfred Mows
  • Oma Thea and Friend in Photo Booth
  • Mama and Bismarck
  • Dance Class
  • Oma Thea and Friends Posing
  • Living Room Atmosphere
  • Disengagement Souvenir
  • Heinrich's 70s Birthday Party
  • Bus Stop Schulzentrum Mellendorf
  • Neubausiedlung Ringstrasse
  • Excursion to Stemmer Berg
  • Die Gute Stube
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  • - Best Books of the Year 2014 - Conscientious Photos -

    - Vogue Italia's 2014 Photo Books - Peter Van Agtmael -

    published by Fishbar Books

    I grew up in a Germany that was obsessed with making new, people never liked to keep old things. It was as if with every wave of renewal in people’s lives, they built a little more distance to the past. Our guilty past that we inherit from generation to generation. After half a lifetime living abroad, I went back home to reflect on the disconnection between Germany of the Past and Germany of Now.